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Lights, Camera, Smile!!  Steppin’ Out provides a complete costume shop so that you and your guests can pick accessories, wigs, hats or whole ensembles to pose for the cameras in your photo op area.  Pick from a variety of themes or we’ll bring a huge array so that everyone can get into the act with their own flare!  Check out a sample of photos from our past events.


Look like a star as you step out onto the stage and belt out your favorite rock song or ballad.  We bring a multitude of themed costumes and accessories as well as wigs & hats to complement the theme of your song!  We can even provide a makeup artist to complete your transformation.


Throwing a party where the guests are asked to come in costume?  Steppin’ Out helps make the event even more festive by providing a costume area complete with costumes and accessories in the theme of your choice.  Your guests can pick accessories to complement the costume they wore or guests who didn’t have time to get a costume can choose an entire ensemble from our stock with the help of Steppin’ Out personnel.  


Whether you need singers, dancers, or novelty acts, Steppin’ Out can coordinate it all for you.  We offer everything from belly dancers to magicians.  We also have look-a-likes and character actors to populate your party and interact with your guests.


Terrific at parties for smaller kids, this service provides costumes for sale or rental in any theme! What child (or adult) doesn’t love playing dress up? With that in mind, we also provide a Mommy & Me option where you and your child can have identical costumes.  Steppin’ Out personnel is on hand to distribute costumes and help with everyone’s transformation!  For an extra added thrill, Steppin’ Out can provide you with exciting characters to costume your wait staff or as walk around talent in an array of recognizable characters; Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and many others!

Entertainment Options


Want to make your event truly memorable?  Steppin’ Out can provide a theme floor show with singer/dancers, sound, lights and orchestra.  Pick our Roaring 20’s show, 40’s Swing show, 50’s Sock Hop show, 60’s Beach Party show or our Variety night.   Or, for a very unique evening of comedy and music from Bach to Bluegrass, choose the Raytown Kiwanis Orchestra.

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