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Presenting the creative production services of Steppin' Out.  Their combined talents will help you with all production aspects. Since 1985 they have provided production services throughout the west for television, stage and industrials.


Choreography - Costuming - Direction - Design


Let Steppin' Out get your next production off the ground.  They deliver a product that is not only creative and entertaining but completed on schedule and within your predetermined budget.  In addition to choreography and direction, they can help you in these other production areas to make your show the best it can be:


•An extensive costume inventory (specialty items can be designed and built).

•A catalogue of experienced performers for casting the show (this can keep your costs down and save time as well).

•In-house musical arrangers and orchestra.

•Talented writers who can produce your specialty songs and skits.

•Their extensive experience in the performance mediums enhances their understanding of all production facets.  They understand the technical side of production and can assist in lighting design, set & prop design, and sound & video production as well.


Let Steppin' Out make your ideas a reality.

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