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Who We Are

Owned and operated by Sue Harrison & Karen Linden, Steppin’ Out is a unique costume service specializing in design, production and on-site coordination for the event planning industry.  


These award winning designers bring their combined stage, film and television expertise to create memorable yet affordable costumes.


Located in Los Angeles, they have provided costuming throughout the Southwest as well as New York and San Francisco.


American Film Market 
Billboard Music Awards
Capitol Records 25th Anniversary Party
Sony/Tristar Pictures Premieres including Dracula,
      Men in Black and Rio
Disney Premiers and wrap parties including Pirates, 
      101 Dalmations, and Cinderella
Dreamworks Studio events, wrap parties Premiers
Fox Premieres including Star Wars, Big, True Lies,
MTV Music & Film Awards, The Osbournes, 
       TVLand Awards
MGM Agent Cody Banks 1 & 2, 
New Line Premiers including Austin Powers
Paramount 75th Anniversary Party, Premiers including   
      Star Trek Into Darkness, Big Top Pee Wee,

      Naked Gun 2 1/2, Mission Impossible  & Rugrats
Getty Museum Gala Opening
Amblin Hook Premiere
Universal Premiers for Bowfinger, Waterworld, Liar Liar
Warner Bros. Premieres for Braveheart, Batman,
      Interview with the Vampire, The Majestic, 3000 Miles
      to Graceland, Wild Wild West, Miss Congeniality, 
      and the Harry Potter movies


Just a few of our satisfied clients


Costuming for major studio events and

private clients since 1984


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