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Meet the Raytown Kiwanis Orchestra

The RKO is the perfect entertainment when you want music and zany comedy!  They offer up a rich mix of the obscure and the familiar, the ridiculous and the sublime.  They parody and pay tribute to the blues and stride of the 1920's, forgotten gems of Broadway, country & western, rock, and TV commercials – little escapes their fevered imaginations. 


Their show includes "The Hostility Song," what every kid wants to say to the school bully; "Breakfast in Buellton," an homage to not so far away places with strange sounding names; "Twister" is dedicated to one of Mother Nature's most powerful weapons; "Big Bad Boy," an ode to the survival of Bob's Big Boy; Tom Bodett for Motel 6; "The Money Song," celebrating everybody's favorite color; "Baby Boom," for those who remember Paul McCartney's first band and many more! Video/Audio Link


Dave Marchant - Founder, creator, and the force behind RKO: Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Marchant can be seen performing in Los Angeles and Southern California on TV, in comedy clubs, at cabarets and in theatres.



Susan Harrison is a theatrical producer, costume designer, ballet and jazz dancer, and choreographer, none of which she gets to do with the RKO. She does act, sing and play bass for the band.



David Boelke has been performing professionally since he was too young to do it legally. His piano playing and songwriting are mainstays of the RKO's repertoire.



Jack Wride, drummer, has played every kind of music from marching band and musicals to R&B, country, punk and heavy metal. He uses all of his musical influences in the RKO.



Doug Latislaw, one of San Diego's most sought after lead guitarists, has lent his instrumental and vocal expertise to the band almost since inception.



Paula Douthett, actress/singer/songwriter, brings her own unique voice, characters and comedic timing to the RKO stage.

Before the Squirrel Nut Zippers, before the Cherry Poppin' Daddies there was . . . The Raytown Kiwanis Orchestra!

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