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Steppin' Out has created a unique children's birthday experience for your clients.  Children love to play dress-up.  Steppin' Out now offers this exciting aspect to make it a party they will long remember.


Create a world of princesses & knights, superheroes and villains, or characters from their favorite movies.  Your client and their child pick the theme.  Costumed Steppin' Out personnel (Fantasy theme pictured at right) deliver all costumes and props to your party site and help all guests dress.


What child doesn’t love to dress up - or for that matter any grown-up.  With that in mind, we also provide a Mommy & Me option where outfits complement those worn by your child.  There’s also an accessory option where we bring wigs, props and costume pieces that can be put on over your child’s own clothing.  


We offer both a dress-up only and give-away options.

Kids Korner Parties

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